Bobcat Replacement Tracks

Dominion branded Bobcat replacement tracks feature Continuous Wrap Technology which ensures there are no weak points by using a coated single steel cable to construct the track.

Our Bobcat replacement tracks are half pitch tracks with twice as many lugs as a full pitch track. Every sprocket tooth will grab a lug resulting in a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Dominion Equipment Parts Carries Bobcat Tracks To Fit These Models:

Bobcat Replacement Tracks

Dominion Equipment Parts Carries Bobcat Tracks To Fit These Models:

How To Find & Measure Rubber Track Sizes For Replacement Tracks

When determining which tracks you need for your vehicle, there are four items to take into consideration before anything else. These include:

1. The vehicle’s make, model, and year
2. The track size of the vehicle (consisting of multiple measurements as described below)
3. The track guiding system size
4. The type of roller your vehicle uses

The track size consists of the width (in millimeters), the pitch (also in millimeters), and the number of links in the track. When measuring these, keep in mind that 1 inch is equal to 25.4 millimeters.

• The width is the distance across the rubber track from edge to edge
• The pitch is the distance between the center points of two links (lugs or teeth) on the inside of the track
• Simply count the number of links inside the track

The next step is to find the guide size. The guiding system in your vehicle consists of the wheels that the track’s lugs fit into and that keep the entire rubber track straight. Within this system, you have the guide, which is the part of the track that locks with the wheels. To measure the guide, do the following:

• Find the Outside Guide Bottom (OG) by measuring the distance between the outside of the bottom of two links across from each other.
• Find the Inside Guide Bottom (IG) by measuring the distance between the inside bottoms of two links.
• Find the Outside Height (OH) by measuring the height of the link from outside the trough.
• Find the Inside Height (IH) by measuring the height of a link from inside.

Having the correct measures for the guide is vital since it will ensure a longer life for your tracks. It prevents breaking, jamming, or jumping track.

The final piece of information you’ll need to determine the type of replacement tracks you’ll need is to determine the rubber track roller type. There are two types—center and flange.

• Center rollers, which run between links on the track
• Flange rollers, which run along the outsides of the links

Each of these rollers come in multiple types, which are usually termed W and X for center rollers and Y and Z for flange rollers.

With this information, you can make the right decision about the type of replacement tracks you need for your vehicle.

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How To Install Rubber Tracks

Since rubber tracks can range in weight from a few hundred pounds to several thousand, it’s important to know the right installation process. It takes a great deal of force to replace rubber tracks, and you’ll need the appropriate equipment and knowledge of proper safety measures.

Heavy duty equipment is recommended, such as forklifts. You should also choose the right location. The ground should be flat so as to prevent most of the movement involved in installing heavy rubber tracks. The process will follow these basic steps:

1. Loosen the track adjuster valve
2. Remove the top carrier
3. Raise the vehicle
4. Slowly remove various parts using pins and rotating the track
5. Remove the track and install the new one
6. Reinstall track parts

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Can't Find Your Aftermarket Bobcat Replacement Track?

If you don't see your model listed on our site call us today at 888-888-1248 and talk to one of our knowledgeable salespeople! We can provide you with the assistance you need to find the correct items.

Sometimes you need to work with the measurements found on individual tracks, in which case you’ll want to know the dimensions of the track you’re trying to replace. The information in the link above contains useful information on how to determine which track you’ll need.

With those measurements, our salespeople can assist you with making the right purchase.


• Dominion Rubber Tracks for Excavators and Mini-Excavators carry a one year limited non-prorated warranty against manufacturer's defects.
• Dominion Rubber Tracks for Skid Loaders and Dump Carriers carry a six month limited non-prorated warranty against manufacturer's defects.
• The Warranty period begins at the date of invoice from Dominion.

To read more about our track warranty, see here.

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