Caterpillar 301.8

Product Details:

 230 millimeters
 96 millimeters
Track Size (as Labeled On Your Track):
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  1 year*
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Please confirm your size before ordering as this machine’s rubber tracks may come in multiple sizes.

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Our 301.8 230X96X33 tracks are manufactured under strict quality control procedures, and are guaranteed to fit your Caterpillar 301.8 machine. Our tracks feature a single coated steel cord wrapped continuously around the rubber track belt, ensuring there are no weak points. Further, our Caterpillar 301.8 are manufactured with twice as many lugs, so that every sprocket tooth grabs a lug instead of every other.

Guaranteed To Fit

If our Caterpillar 301.8 do not fit your machine, we will pay the freight to get the correct track to you.

How To Find / Measure Rubber Track Sizes For Replacement Rubber Tracks

How To Install Rubber Tracks


• Dominion Rubber Tracks for Excavators and Mini-Excavators carry a one year limited non-prorated warranty against manufacturer's defects.
• Dominion Rubber Tracks for Skid Loaders and Dump Carriers carry a six month limited non-prorated warranty against manufacturer's defects.
• The Warranty period begins at the date of invoice from Dominion.

To read more about our track warranty, see here.